We consult the beverage industry for introduction to the German scene market with all its facettes

We know where we are - not only in a geographical sense.

With over 10 years of experience we have learned how and what we are able to do:
Defining exactly what, in what way, when and why we tell to whom about which scene medium.

In other words: We link content-relevant, temporary and media below-the-line communication instruments.
Only by this way you can reach a clear positioning within the fastly changing scene markets.

You want to emotionally distinguish your product within the young culture target groups?

We formulate and realize individual linked below-the-line communication concepts.

Our Service portfolio within the scene & trend market:

• Planing, positioning, realisation and analysis of your sponsoring appearances

• Partner & event scouting for your engagement as a sponsor partner

• Scouting of testimonials for your brand communication

• Positioning of your brand within the scene media:
Online PR, press and media work, content marketing

• Definition of new sales channels

• Event planning & consulting

Off-Location Event Planning

Taken from our references :

between 1999 and 2001:

Stuttgart Airport, Terminal 3
Stuttgart Airport, Terminal 1
Main Train Station Stuttgart
Main Train Station Wiesbaden

Deutsche Bahn, König Pilsener, Marlboro,
Red Bull, Smart, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, Lufthansa, Flughafen Stuttgart, LBS, Evian,
Stadt Stuttgart, Tesion Telekommunikation

between 1996 and 1999:

„Clubinvasion“ 1 night, diverse clubs in Stuttgart
2 years "Partysan Magazin Baden Württemberg" Anniversary

LBS, Heineken, Dinkelacker, Marlboro

„Konzert für elektronische Musik“ Mercedes Benz Forum Stuttgart.


Artists Club Tours Planning

taken from our references :

1998: „Lauschangriff Partysan Baden-Württemberg Magazin Deutschland-Clubtour“ 15 major scene clubs,
diverse scene Djs. Stop in all major media cities.

Marlboro (Tour sponsor)

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