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Conception [greek]
1. intellectual, artistic idea.
2. clearly defined basic idea, mental concept.

Every location has its own indiviual conditions. How this works also depends on the time of day. Which guest wishes have to be covered at which point of time and how can this be done most efficiently?

Planning [french]
1. Blue print; construction plan on a big scale.

Every object has to be "awakened": What interior design and architectural contexts do you need?
Are there any areas of conflict and how can they be minimized?

Development [latin]
1. Evolvement from a simple to a more complex form.

Optimization of handling for gastronomers, cost-efficent solutions for the investor, options for a dynamic cost modification.

Survey [latin-french]
1. written form of an expert opintion to a question or a problem.

Ensures safety for the investor: Does the concept work in this location? Does economic efficiency correspond with the reality of the market?

Revitalisations [latin]
1. strengthen s.th. again.
2. bring s.th. back to its natural balance.

Empty rooms, no rental income? Analysis, knowledge of the market and strategic thinking lead to new income-saving solutions.

Tenant Acquisition [latin]
1. acquire, purchase.
2. customer advertisement.

The demand profile for an operator ensues from conception. Only on-goal direct approach leads to success.

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