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GASTconcept – in person: Rolf Dieter Jung

Born in Munich in third generation. Went to the Ruhr area in the 1950ies and grew up in "Room 8" of the parental hotel. At the age of eight first active contact with gastronomy (arranging of funeral baked rolls), at the age of eighteen first steps into system gastronomy (student espresso bar "Rex 1", "Rex 2" and "Rex 3" in Essen and suburbs). Went into top gastronomy later (had a star in the famous Michelin catalogue for over ten years) with the "Fuente" in Mühlheim ("small house with a large kitchen"). Developped successful concepts as Sala Dolores, Leon de Belge and De Prins during the 1990ies. Has also been working as a counsellor since 1989. Founded GASTconcept GmbH in 1995. Worked exclusively for Kieft & Kieft movie theatre group between 1996 and 1999. Finds market overview, contacts and networking same as essential as the ability - as a project person in charge - to bring together the different actors by moderation and professional competence.

A small extract from a large list of references:

- Achhammer, Tritthart & Partner, Innsbruck – Shopping- and Entertainmentcenter Kempten
- ADPOINT, Düsseldorf – Michwerke Westfalen e.G. Herford
- Bertram, Bünemann & Partner, Hannover – Multiplex Dortmund, Multiplex Weimar, Seelhorster Garten Hannover, Yachthafen Hannover
- DEFO, Frankfurt – Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
- Feinkost Käfer, München – Tenant acquisition
- Feneberg GmbH, Kempten – Forum Allgäu Kempten
- GFI, Stuttgart – Alte Post Flensburg
- ICM – Real Estate Administration, Günthersdorf – Conception gastronomy Saalepark Leipzig
- Projektgruppe München „Neue Mitte Riem“ with Roland Ernst, Conceptbau, Philipp Holzmann, IFB, Obermeyer sowie P. Fuhrmann, SSC Düsseldorf
- SMS Essen – BMW – Cup Essen
- Theater und Philharmonie GmbH der Stadt Essen – Gastronomy of the Grillo-Theaters and anniversary event Essen
- Württembergische Hypothekenbank AG, Stuttgart – Survey Erlebniscenter Flensburg
- Kieft & Kieft Filmtheater, Lübeck – federal-wide conception, planning and developemtn of gastronomic areas in movie theatres.
- DB Real Estate, Frankfurt – Tenant acquisition
- Gloria Hotel & Restaurant GmbH, Bad Oldesloe – Overall development gastronomy, pre-opening, opening
- Hochtief Projektentwicklung, München, location analysis, gastronomy concept real estate
- Omega Swed B.V., Schipol, NL – Tenant acquisition
- Segafredo Zanetti, München – SE Bars, quality management
- Metrosoul Mediengesellschaft, Mannheim – Overall development gastronomy Musikpark Mannheim

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