Our Services

Concept Analysis
We analyse if your choice of location, concept, portfolio design and target group definition (on basis of your defined goals) foresees a sustainable economic success.

Professional talks on location choice of your business in context of competition. Optimization suggestions for an in-time realization.

Location Analysis
Analysis of an existing or new location in consideration of geographical, demographical and infrastructural conditions. Analysis of competitors, target groups and market.

Development of a gastronomical topic in consideration of the operator's personality, location and target groups. Up-to-date portfolio design in consideration of economic profit margin.

Efficiency Calculation
Break-even analysis on basis of: staff input, stock input, average bon and frequency prognosis. Calculation of realistic fixed costs.

We accompany your negotiations for hire-, rent- and delivery law questions, loan and leasing contracts and provide you with import gastronomy-sepcific aspects - in direct coordination with your lawyer or accountant. We develop individual financing models und prepare your documents for submission to your business partners.

Planning and Realization
We plan and budget complete new developments/buildings in consideration of preproduction and market introduction costs. We accompany the realization of your plans with the project participants and take care of schedules at a strict cost orientation.

An up-to-date concept asks for an overall marketing conception. We work out a homogeneous (company-) appearance - internal and external. This includes development of a logo and C.I., special offer cards and event ideas. We define and name all neccessary stand-alone criteria.

Kitchen and Bar
We set up target grouo specific food and beverage menus with precise and marketing-specific realization. We underlay all articles with excel-based calculation sheets.

For economic points of view we contribute our long-term experience and market overview. Practice-oriented suggestions lead to fast results, portfolio optimization and improved sales politics same as practice-oriented schedules improve income.

We organize and structure all neccessary office- and administration tasks. At any time. our self-developped software modules guarantee an overview on the operative business at high time efficiency.

Concept Development – Businesses in force
With our creative potential and market overview allowing comparisons on a national level we newly adjust conceptionally "worn-out" companies. At a high cost awareness we successfully inspirit consisting locations.

Our individually created manuals guarantee the realization of self-set workflows and company standards. We consider every operative business branch and thereby create security among employees - and therefore a high customer satisfaction.

Do you have questions? Simply send us an Email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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