Sponsor Logistics & Commission Warehouse for Sponsors

Sponsor logistics / handling of bar wagons, mobile bar systems, promotion and sampling tools

We offer to industry companies: Promotion logistics with 24-hour handling, storage including repares and maintenance of your promotion tools, the possibility to use costs optimized from one hand. Personal 24-hour service included.

Commissions Warehouse for Sponsors

Furthermore we offer you a commission warehouse with a volume of over 120.000 HL. Here you can store freeware contingents for central distribution and arrange target-direct and controlled distribution via our company.

Service description :

On a fenced area we can park up to 20 fourty-ton trucks and handle up to 120.000 HL of beverages in heated halls.

We have direct access to several major highways and train/river ship stations in a central-European location.

Do you have questions? Simply send us an Email, we will be coming back to you as soon as possible.








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